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Ding-dong the Wasp is Dead

18 September 2013

Last Monday Jared ran inside the house, and then back outside with a bottle of raid in his hands.

"What could he be up to?" I thought as I was scrubbing the dishes and cleaning the whole house. Okay, I was actually sitting on the couch on instagram- lets be real.

 When he came back inside a few minutes later he showed me what he had been doing. (Good thing I had my phone so handy because I snapped a picture for you!)  Apparently while Jared was trimming the bushes in the front yard, he got stung by a wasp on his ankle. So he decided to get revenge, and kill the bug, because "it hurt!" Jared said as I rolled my eyes.

You can see the little sting mark right above his sock

After he sprayed the wasp he saw another one, and decided to kill its' family too. Actually I see it more as revenge for Kyler, because Kyler got stung a few months back in our yard.

I now feel sorry for rolling my eyes at Jared's "It hurt!" comment, because I guess he had an allergic reaction. His whole ankle got sooo swollen and bruised looking. I took the picture below today, he got stung over a week ago, and it looks worse than ever. 
The shiny stuff is just a little ointment
I made Jared go to the doctor today, and the doctor gave him a steroid shot to help the swelling go down; now that dang wasp got him twice! :p  Hopefully it gets better fast!


  1. Wow you guys have bad luck with wasps! I say the wasp killing was totally justified.

  2. haha! funny b/c dean got stung by a wasp a few wks ago! and he keeps saying (STILL) that he kinda liked it and wants to feel the pain again. ...okay?????? I was super jealous of his reaction to it tho b/c i literally could barely see where it stung him. he didn't swell up or anything! I remember getting stung "on the land" and my arm was the size of my THIGH for at least a wk!


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