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Eavesdropping on Us (part 2)

23 September 2013

I wrote a post similar to this one over a year ago. (see it here part 1)  I thought it would be fun to do it again, now that Kyler is 2 and is talking so much more! Here are a few things we have said recently:

We were at the park and Kyler comes walking up to me holding out his hands...
Kyler:  "Look Mama, green!"
Char: "Is that chewed gum?! EWWW put it down! Let's go wash your hands!"

Kyler woke up screaming in the middle of the night...
Jared: "Kyler what's wrong? Did you have a nightmare?"
Kyler: " Yeah I scared of night-mirrors. A thunder in night-mirrors and the dark outside and lightening scare me!" (nightmare night-mirrors. close enough)

In the car after church...
Kyler: "Dada, Kyler wants candy, cracker, chip, and a cookie. Okay?" (healthy choices)

Jared noticed Kyler was being awfully quiet....
Jared: (from the kitchen) "Kyler what are you doing?"
Kyler: (in the livingroom) "No no Kyler! No color on toy!" (he tattles on himself)

I was carrying Kyler to the time-out chair...
Kyler blurted: "I sorry mama I love you hug?"

We were at a baptism and after the girl came up after being submersed in the water (very spiritual moment)...
Kyler: "SPLASH!!"

As I am putting Kyler's stroller back in the car after our walk, Kyler walks to me and is holding out his hands...
Kyler: "Look Mama, dis ball ucky?"
Char: "KYLER THAT IS DOG POOP. PUT IT DOWN!!!"  (and you thought the chewed gum was gross)

Kyler looks so sweet and peaceful when he sleeps...but when he is awake he is a non-stop talking trouble maker. He likes to boss our dog around and make him do whatever he wants. The other day Kyler dug out two red hats and made Bauer copy him. Poor dog.

Does this kid need a sibling or what?

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  1. these are so cute! Great that you are writing them down because you think you'll remember them, but you don't :(. Ewww poop!!


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