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Something good in every day

15 September 2013

It has been a rough couple of weeks sleeping wise for this family. Normally Kyler goes to bed without a fuss from 8pm-8am and then takes a good 2 hr nap in the middle of the day. Recently, Kyler decided to switch things up and would scream when we tried to leave his room after saying goodnight like normal. Then he was waking up several times during the night screaming, and then not wanting to sleep or be alone whenever he woke up. He also wasn't taking his naps, and because of this he was cranky- which definitely rubbed off on me. This sleeping issue was a new challenge for me! However, (knock on wood) I think we are finally through that phase, and his sleep routine is back to normal (yes!).

Rather than focusing on the negative things, I'd like to flash back to some happy moments that we experienced these last two weeks...boy does Kyler sure make us smile a lot in this house!

A few weeks ago, while cleaning my mom and dad's bathroom,  Kyler discovered a sun prism...light coming through the shower door. Kyler was very amused and kept squealing "Rainbow stuck!"

Jared gave Kyler his first top. To say he was amused would be an understatement- he loved it!

We decided to switch our morning routine up one morning by eating breakfast on the back deck.

I never would have thought I would be pushing balloons on a swing..I love Kyler's funny little requests.

We don't give Kyler soda very often, so the 'strange' carbonation makes for some hilarious faces.

Yesterday we discovered a park in our neighborhood that has a sand volleyball court. Sand + a balloon= Kyler heaven.

Last week we went to "Food Truck Friday" in Charlotte. I love finding new things to do!

"Everyday might not be good...but there is something good in every day." -Author unknown.


  1. What a beautiful reminder - there is something good in every day!

  2. He is so cute! I love all the balloons that make appearances in the photos.


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