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Bathtub Paint

21 October 2013

While I was recovering from surgery (I believe it was 4-5 days post surgery) Jared needed to study for a test, but with our noisy (but sweet) two year old running around the house, it was difficult for him to concentrate. Sooooo, I filled up the tub for Kyler and put some colored shaving cream (just add a tiny bit of food coloring) in some muffin tins...and this kept our toddler busy for 1 hour and Jared got some quiet study time. I just had to sit on a chair in the bathroom and supervise Kyler... he did very well!

Bathtub paint!

Clean up was really easy...Kyler did most of it with a wet rag, but I had Jared come in and clean it out really good afterwards just in case Kyler missed any spots. I'm sure younger and older kids would love this activity too, but I don't think I would go any younger than 2.5 while recovering from surgery...just because I feel like younger toddlers might want to splatter the bathtub paint outside of the you would need to be on your toes and involved more.

Today, was my first day back into our normal routine; I'm slowly starting to be able to do the things I used to do, and it is amazing! Small things that I never thought to be thankful for before, I am definitely thankful for now! Just to name a few:

-I'm grateful that I can just sit down on the couch, and relax with no pain! I was in extreme constant pain when I had appendicitis, and I remember wishing when I was in the hospital that I could just have a break for 2 minutes of not feeling any pain at all. I'm there now- and it is wonderful!

-I'm grateful that I can walk up and down the stairs easily.  Those first few days home from the hospital were rough, and stairs were particularly exhausting. 

-I'm grateful that I can wash dishes, and..... wait for laundry. There I said it. These chores were piling up while I was recovering, and I just wanted to jump up and take care of them so bad! Now that I can, I'm loving being able to. Ask me how I feel about those chores next week and I may have a different answer hah... but for now, I'm off to do some dishes, and I couldn't be happier-- :)


  1. glad you're recovering so quickly! and the bath tub paints look like fun. i might try it! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, you are brilliant!! I'm saving that idea for when my little boy Terrin is old enough!


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