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Malu in Hawaii

05 October 2013

Just over four years ago I lived in Hawaii while attending BYU-H for a semester. One day, my friend Ali and I were doing homework/tanning on Sunset Beach. I had my headphones in and was reading when all of the sudden I saw an oddly shaped shadow come up from behind us and then I felt hot breath on my back. It startled me! Ali and I both jumped up, and when we turned around we saw an adorable black lab wagging her tail. What a pleasant surprise! We looked around for the owner, but nobody was there. Then we noticed she was really skinny and thought that maybe she was homeless or something, but she was very friendly and clean looking. I snapped a picture of her:

Today, (just over 4 years later) I saw a video of her on youtube! Apparently, a guy rescued her, named her Malu, and taught her how to surf. Check it out:

Okay, okay, it might not be the same dog, but what are the odds...a homeless black lab, on the same beach I was on 4 years ago.... then I checked the date that the above video was uploaded... 2008 so he found her in 2004 back when I was in high school in GA. Guess it's not the same dog after all. Haha. 

During my last week in Hawaii, I told myself that someday, Jared and I would come back and live in Hawaii together with our future family. It made parting with paradise a LITTLE easier. Jared finishes grad school in 20ish months (not that I'm already counting down or anything haha)...and then wherever he gets a job after that is probably where we will stick around for a while...I asked Jared if he would at least look at potential jobs in Hawaii. He said yes.... he would look in Hawaii, along with about 7 other states we would like to live in (UT, CA, NC, SC, NM, AZ,CO).... but Hawaii is my number one pick :P Watch, now we probably won't end up in any of those states, but that's okay- I've decided we can be happy living anywhere.


  1. bahahahaha char this post made miss hawaii so much! i was like no way! that dog is famous!? lets just pretend that it the surfing dog :) miss you!

  2. Oh good I'm glad you read this post! I was going to send you a link to the video until I discovered it wasn't the same dog. Lame haha! Miss you too Ali!!

  3. great post!
    following you, i hope you will visit me

  4. I loved this post, I always wanted to live in Hawaii, and made Johnny promise me we'd move out of Idaho as soon as he graduated. We're still in Idaho, but have learned we can be happy anywhere together with our little family :) Sounds like you guys are doing great!


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