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Snapped a picture first!

29 October 2013

This morning I told Kyler to go put his clothes on while I got dressed for the day. However, two minutes later I hear:

"Waaaa! Mommy help! Wahhhh!"

I ran to his room to find that he had pushed his stool over from his bathroom to his desk, in order to play with his noise maker that projects images onto the ceiling...then I guess he realized he couldn't get down and panicked. I of course took a picture to send to Jared before rescuing him because, come on, it's hilarious.

Also this morning, I retrieved Kyler's booster high chair back out from storage closet, because he couldn't handle eating his meals in a big boy chair. It was taking him 30 minutes just to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, because he kept getting out of his chair to dance around the kitchen and play with toys in-between every bite! As you can see, this (almost) 3 year old wasn't too thrilled with my decision.

Lastly, I shall post a happy picture because, really, most of the day he is a happy child. Especially when I give him a few pieces of candy before taking him to preschool. I'm sure his teachers really appreciated that :)


  1. I love his grumpy face he is such a cutie pie. His smile is the sweetest

  2. Oh my gosh, that is hilarious. Kids seriously do the darndest things! =]


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