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18 October 2013

I've been taking it easy this week while recovering from surgery. This gave me some time to play with my new favorite app... Polyvore. My closet has been looking very ugly and slim lately....which means it's shopping time. I'm SUPER picky when it comes to buying new clothes. It seriously takes me forever just to buy one shirt....but I still like shopping, because who doesn't love new clothes?!

Anyways, I like this app, because you can browse for clothing, mix and match items (like put different shirts with different pants, and add different accessories) ... to see what goes together, and then you can see exactly where each item is from, and how much it costs. Sweet! Shopping just became a MILLION times easier for me (I'm sure my husband isn't too thrilled about this new app haha). Here are a few outfits I have created I just need to buy them!

 I definitely need some new church clothes. I've been loving gold accents lately. The shirt below is only $15!!

I was curious to see how big Polyvore's selection was, so I searched for the PJ pants that I am currently wearing, and they had them listed! Kinda cool. Victory Secret pj pants $34...they are soooo comfy!

I'm obsessed with the jeans pictured below- they are $60 which isn't bad!

I'm trying to decide how much I like the bracelet below... Aeropostale $13...hmmm

One more outfit below- This one is just wishful...So cute, but I would never spend over $400 on a purse haha. The shoes are very doable though $25 from Charlotte Russe- Love that store!

Now, if only I could make all of these outfits magically appear in my closet without spending a penny, that would be great!


  1. Apparently we're the same person. I JUST started my polyvore and was planning to do a post. Your outfits are adorable and that gray throw I NEED to own like yesterday!

    New follower! Love your blog, mama!

  2. So cute! I love the gold earrings in the first photo and the "Life de la Party" tee.



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