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The Pumpkin

23 October 2013

I've seen so many cute pumpkin patch family photos floating around instagram and facebook recently. All of the cute pics made me want to go out and buy cutesy fall matching outfits just for family pictures at the pumpkin patch, but that didn't happen. It's hard enough getting one family photo per year in the summer haha. So we went to a lame tiny pumpkin patch in our Saturday chore/cleaning clothes... Kyler grabbed a hideous Thomas the Train hat on the way out the door, because he wanted to wear a hat like daddy. I snapped the pictures with my iphone.... they aren't anything fancy, but I love them anyways :)

Jared designed and carved the pumpkin....I love it!

I can't believe it's almost Halloween!

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  1. haahaa, at least you guys went to a pumpkin patch! We went to the big bins at the grocery store! :)


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