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He's allergic to cold

07 November 2013

I've heard it is extremely rare for a person to be allergic to the sun. I've never heard of a person being allergic to the cold which is equally as rare. When I said never, I meant until today- when my husband got diagnosed (by an allergy specialist) with Cold  Induced Urticaria - which more or less means allergic to the cold.

The last several weeks we have noticed that every time Jared held something cold, his skin would get extremely red and itchy, and then would swell up and get hot. For example, if he holds a cold soda, his hand gets red and extremely itchy, and then it swells up and is hot to the touch. If he steps barefoot onto the cold bathroom tile in the mornings, the bottom of his feet get the same reaction. Exposure to cold air?? Again, same reaction. The doctor told Jared not to jump into a ice cold pool, because if he did....he would die- dramatic, I know- but real.

As part of the diagnosis, the doctor held an ice-cube on Jared's arm for 5 minutes. When Jared developed hives the size of an egg the doctor got really excited and said "That's Cold Induced Urticaria right there!" and then he ran and got all of the other doctors and nurses in the building to come in and take a look at Jared's arm, because this was probably the only time they will ever see this reaction.

It's difficult to tell in the picture how puffy it is, but it's pretty big, for a little ice cube to do. This is 5 minutes later:

It's so crazy that this allergic reaction just all of the sudden developed. Jared has lived in Utah, Michigan and Idaho (all very cold places in the winter time) and has never had this allergic reaction until now. He was prescribed some allergy medication to help lesson the allergic reaction for now. Sometimes Cold Urticaria goes away on its' own...other times it sticks around for life.

Now you know someone who is allergic to cold....! Crazy.


  1. oh that is sad!!! The Turrubiartes little boy, Lukas, is allergic to the cold too. It's really sad :(. We went camping with them and they tried to keep him out of the cold river but he cried because everyone else was playing in the they let him get in for a little bit. Then he broke out in the hives. Stay warm Jared!

  2. I had to tell my husband about this because I couldn't believe it! I have no clue how warm it is in North Carolina, but you could always move back to Hawaii because now you have the best excuse ever!

  3. oh my goodness that is the worst. that picture looks like it was sure painful!

  4. Wow, that is crazy! Never ever heard of that... You learn something new every day.

  5. Oh no! Now you can't move back to Idaho :(

  6. I recently developed an allergy to the sun. I get the same reactions - blotchy, itchy rashes! It's the worst. What do they recommend for him?

    1. oh no! That sounds miserable! They put him on some pretty hefty allergy meds, it took a while for them to start working (you have to let them build up in your system) but now he hardly notices the reaction at all!


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