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Locked out

30 November 2013

We are spending this weekend at the Lucky Leaf! It's very relaxing, and much needed. 

Kyler and I woke up this morning about a half hour past sunrise (early, but not so bad when you have a nice view :).  Kyler and I stepped out on the back porch to snap a few pictures and tried to let Jared catch some more Zzzzzz's. 

The wind was blowing, and Kyler wasn't a fan of it blowing on his ears, so he headed back in the house while I snapped a few more pictures.

Less than a minute later, I turned around to head back inside too.... only to find that Kyler had locked me out.  

Grrrrrreat. I was on the third floor, with no stairs to get down on the outside, and no phone to call Jared to wake him up to help me. So I did what anyone would do and tried to explain to my three year old how to unlock the sliding glass door.

Me: (Yelling over the roaring ocean and through the glass door) "Kyler unlock the door so mommy can come inside!"

Kyler:  (yells back) "It's stuck."

Me: "No turn it around the other way, and don't touch the glass!"

Kyler: (turns his entire body around in a circle) "Okay mommy."

Me: (slaps forehead and laughs and takes a few pics of the situation. Then panics. and starts knocking on the window repeatedly for several minutes in hopes of waking Jared up.)

Luckily Jared was already awake, heard me, and came to my rescue!

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  1. Aw such a cute story even though I'm sure in the moment it probably wasn't so cute!! Your family is just beautiful :)


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