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Mothering angelically = a good day for everyone

20 November 2013

I needed this reminder today. As mothers, we have a powerful influence on our children, and how their day will go. Children, even as infants, can detect what kind of mood we are in, and often mimic our behavior. If we want our children to have a good day, we must first make sure our attitudes our positive. Second, our tone of voice and the way we say things really does matter! When we speak in a loving way to our children, they respond better, and those difficult days seem to disappear and are replaced by positive learning days. We need to use our words with care to encourage and complement them, rather than using our words thoughtlessly.

Words are powerful. Especially when we are raising a children. We help shape and mold who they become by our words. So let's remember to mother angelically by having positive attitudes, and by speaking with a loving tone of voice to our children. I'm not perfect at remembering to use this tactic every time, but when I do, I'm always pleased with the results :)

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