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Enjoy more fully the sunlight

03 December 2013

This week is super busy and stressful for me, especially tomorrow. I read this quote today and loved it: "Don't be gloomy. Don't dwell on unkind things. Stop seeking out the storms, and enjoy more fully the sunlight." -Gordon B. Hinckley

Soooo....instead of worrying and being stressed out, I'm focusing on the good things that have happened recently. Like last weekend and how much we enjoyed that sunlight at the beach... :)

Usually when we go for walks on the beach we look for sharks teeth, sea glass and other cool shells. On our walk last Saturday Jared found a very cool shell... as sea turtle shell! At least that is what I think it is....I'll let you be the judge.

Last weekend was the first time Kyler actually enjoyed played in the sand! Usually when we are at the beach he just runs around like a crazy child and splashes in the water, but this time he played for hours in the sand just burying seashells and finding them again. So fun to watch :) 

It was a little bit chilly at the beach, but not bad at all. Especially compared to Utah- which is where we will be at the end of next week! We're really excited to see our families-we haven't seen most of them in 1.5 years!

Focus on the good.


  1. It's a horseshoe crab shell! Google it for pictures! :)

  2. How did you know that?! I've never heard of a horseshoe crab before. I googled it... they look disgusting haha not as cute as a sea turtle.

  3. Google it, they have green blood If I didn't remember wrongly used in some medicines. Their tails is rounded or sharp depending if they are sea horseshoe crabs or from the mangroves or freshwater.


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