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Pregnancy with Kyler- 8 facts

07 December 2013

One of my friends on facebook tagged me in this "pregnancy facts" thing and gave me the number 8.  I thought I would just make a blog post out of it, because it will probably be too long for a status. Here we go!

1. I got pregnant with Kyler the second month of trying.

2. I loved being pregnant and felt so good the entire time, and never got any morning sickness.

3. I craved powdered laundry detergent so bad! I wanted to eat it but of course knew better so I didn't haha, but I just loved to smell it!

4. I had the linea nigra on my belly when I was pregnant- it faded away 11 months after he was born.

5. Jared and I both wanted our first baby to be a boy before we even got pregnant. We were thrilled at that 18 week ultrasound when we learned it was a boy!

6. I had a planned c-section because he was breech. His cord was tightly wrapped twice around his neck.

7. Kyler didn't cry after he was born, and they whisked him away into another room without showing him to me. I was scared he wasn't alive, but he cried a minute later.

8. My belly didn't grow hardly at all the last month of my pregnancy (Kyler did grow but my belly size stayed about the same). My doctor attributed my "measuring small" to low fluid levels (that makes my body sound like a car). I had to have about 8 ultrasounds because of this, and loved getting to my baby so many times before he was born.

Here are my 8 month belly and 9 month belly pictures side by side. Usually the last month is when the belly grows the most, but mine looked pretty much the same. Can you guess which one is 8 months and which one is 9 months?

The one on the left is 9 months and the one on the right is 8 months.

Your turn for the pregnancy facts game now...I give you the number 7!

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