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Snow much fun

19 December 2013

The flight here (to Utah) was about 4 hours. We didn't have any layovers which made the trip relatively easy.  We had to wake up around 5:00am in order to make our flight which tuckered Kyler out, and he actually slept on the plane for awhile!

As seen on instagram, after our plane landed and Kyler looked out of the window for the first time and saw white stuff all over the ground...he said: "Look! Sand! We are at the beach!!" He wasn't too disappointed when he figured out it was snow and discovered that he could build snowmen, have snowball fights, and go sledding.

Jared still has his allergy to cold, but taking his allergy meds plus keeping him bundled extra warm at all times plus only going outside for short periods of time, has helped keep his allergic reactions under control. 


  1. hahaha, I was wondering about Jared's allergy :). So fun!


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