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Snow in the south is like orange juice and toothpaste...they don't go together.

30 January 2014

It snowed like an inch here in NC on Tuesday evening. Everyone went into panic mode. The county sent all of the kids home from school early, and then they closed the schools yesterday (Wednesday) and today as well. Hilarious, but hey, Kyler didn't have to go to preschool, and I didn't have to go to work yesterday, we only go part-time anyways, but we didn't complain!
We loved spending the whole day at home together- it's been a while since we've had a day like that with no errands to run, no gym, and no other places to be! Maybe we'll get lucky and get another "snow" day soon? One can wish.


  1. Living in Iowa, I find this hilarious.

  2. Any excuse to dress up in the cutest snow clothes ever!


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