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The Blue Light.

14 January 2014

I frequently get emails from people offering to pay me to advertise their products on my blog....this isn't one of those. Nobody is paying me. I just wanted to write about this product because I LOOOOVE this thing. It is called a Sleep Buddy (Kyler calls ours the blue light). It teaches little kids when it's time to stay in bed, and when it is okay to get out of bed. It is simple...whenever the blue light is on, your child has to stay in bed. When it turns off, they know that it is okay to get out of bed.  (or you can do it visa versa if you don't want a night light in their room).

About 5 or 6 months ago, Kyler went through this phase where he was waking up crazy early. He was going to bed at his normal time, but kept waking up earlier and earlier, and as a result he was tired and cranky all day. When it got to the point where he was running into our room at 5:00 in the morning I knew something had to be done. Whenever I put him back in bed, he would just come running out 15 minutes later, and that wasn't really giving any of us more sleep. Because he was/is too young to tell time, I researched some products online, and found this baby! It is easy to program, and it saves whatever times you want for bedtime and nap times. 

So now whenever he wakes up too early he will just look at the light, see that it is still on, and then roll over and go back to sleep- I know this because we had to share a room with him for 2 weeks in Utah and I watched it happen over and over again. Occasionally, if he wakes up and isn't tired enough to fall back asleep, he just sits quietly on his bed until his blue light turns off. We usually set ours for 7:20am (depending on what time he goes to bed)...unless it's Saturday...then it's more like 7:40 haha. Sometimes he will still sleep in until 8am though.  

After we purchased the Sleep Buddy, it took him 2 days to understand/remember the concept, and ever since then, it has worked like a charm. He likes it. Every morning whenever the light turns off he gets all excited and announces/sings "Blueeee light is off!" while running down the hall to our room. I love waking up to that.

There is a downside that I need to mention though, and that is the price. We got ours for about $40 on Amazon. I thought it was such a rip-off at first (it is just an alarm clock with a light instead of sound!) buuuut.... now I don't care how much it was. This thing allows the whole family to get more sleep. It was definitely worth it! The Blue Light ya'll. Get one. It will change your life.

Oh PS. 
I thought I would give a little preview of the post I will be sharing on Thursday night. The first sentence says:

"When do you think you guys are going to have another kid? Isn't Kyler already 3 now?"

I will be sharing my thoughts on this topic.
Stay tuned!


  1. I just have to say the preview sentence sounds ridiculous!! No one should say that!! Love you!!

  2. I love it when you find a product that changes your life! Especially your sleeping life. For us it has always been a sound machine. This blue light is genius and I could totally use it on the nights that Jack sneaks out of bed, and opens the fridge looking for milk at 3AM!!He knows his numbers really well, so I showed him the clock and told him if the 1st number is not a 7, then he can't get out of bed unless he has to pee.


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