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The Friendship Phase

29 January 2014

Kyler has been busy developing little friendships these past few months. He's always been more of a solo player, so this phase is new! He talks about his friends all day at home, and is always asking if they can come over to our house to play, or if he can go to their houses. He has chosen some pretty cute little friends to be best buds with! One of his favorite school friends had a birthday party this past weekend. Kyler won't stop talking about how much fun he had.

It was a perfect little party for a three year old! I think we will plan a similar one for Kyler's next birthday. 

I think the way Kyler eats is hilarious. Most kids his age could care less if they get food on their hands/faces while eating...but Kyler? He has to eat neatly. He uses utensils instead of his hands (he even eats pizza and hot dogs with a fork!) and always has to have a napkin near by, heaven forbid he gets a crumb on his lip. Sorry for the blurry picture, I was trying out a new camera lens, (I obviously don't know what I'm doing) but you get the idea:

I can't get enough of this stage! 

These best buds are toooo cute!

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