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A bowl of "fruit" salad.

19 February 2014

I had a really good day today. Kyler made me laugh a lot! I took a few pictures on my iPhone that I wanted to put up here on the blog...just for memories sake.

Watching my three year old attempt to retrieve this balloon (while standing on a tiny chair 1 foot off the ground) was hilarious. 

Kyler loves to put socks on his hands and pretend like they are puppets. When I told him to take the socks off before going in the grocery store, he responded by informing me that "I need to wear my gloves or my hands will get cold." His response caught me off guard, and I was impressed by his logic, soooo I let him win. Even though I was slightly embarrassed walking around the grocery store like this:

When we got back in the car, Kyler asked to see my shopping list (the green paper pictured below). As soon as he saw it he said "Oh, it's purrty mommy. Good job!" Which is exactly how I respond when he shows me his artwork. I was just a little flattered. A few minutes later I looked back to find him like this:
His little sock hands clutching my "purrty" shopping list cracked me up.

I try to put off my phone conversations until Kyler is asleep (it is impossible to hear when he is around) but this afternoon, I had an important call that couldn't wait. I gave Kyler some leftover fruit salad to munch on, hoping that would keep in quiet. When I came back to the table 3 minutes later to share some fruit salad with him, I found this:

Apparently he helped himself to the pantry. Now that's my kind of fruit salad!


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