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The Past 6 Valentines Days

17 February 2014

This year was the first snowy Valentines Day that we've had since living in Idaho in 2010!
Snow is so pretty (when you don't see it very often).
One of mine and Jared's favorite holiday traditions is to think back on how we celebrated past holidays every year together. I'm so glad I have this blog, because I'm starting to have a hard time remembering what we did 6+ years ago! Now, I can remember details that I otherwise would have forgotten with a click of a button :)

Valentines #1 together 2009- Soon after Jared and I started dating, I moved to Hawaii to go to school (for one semester) while stayed at BYU-Idaho. However, Jared surprised me on Valentines Day by flying to Hawaii (sorry I think I've told this story like 500 times haha). We had an amazing day full of snorkeling, parasailing, and exploring Honolulu.

Valentines #2 together 2010- By this time, we had been married for 6 months, and were living in Idaho. We got our dog, Bauer, for Valentines Day!

Valentines #3 together 2011- This was our first Valentines Day with Kyler in our family. We were living in California for Jared's internship (only for 3 months so we didn't move any of our furniture there). We didn't know anyone who could babysit Kyler for us... So we just had a date at home :)

Valentines #4 together 2012- We had just moved to Charlotte, so my parents were able to babysit Kyler while Jared and I went out on fancy a date.

Valentines #5 together 2013- Most of the day was spent driving around town looking at potential houses to buy, which may sound boring, but it was a really exciting day for us!

Valentines #6 together 2014- That would be this year!

We didn't have work or school (because it snowed) so we had a nice relaxing day at home. We were going to go out to eat as a family, but decided to get take-out instead. Eating at home was much nicer than waiting 5 hours to eat in an over crowded noisy restaurant :)

I wonder what next Valentines Day will look like!


  1. It's so cool to be able to look back on past years and see the crazy journey that you've been on.

  2. you know, something i've realized since getting married is that it doesn't matter how many gifts you exchange on valentines day, as long as celebrating love is on your mind. it's a nice little reminder of how lucky we are to have love. <3

  3. your blog is so adorable! and so is your family. you are blessed. (:


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