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Today's Home Intrusion

11 February 2014

I had been putting off grocery shopping for several days, but with snow in the forecast for the next few days, I knew I had to go this morning... or all of the milk and bread would be gone (crazy southerners). As Kyler and I were leaving the house, locked the doors, and set our home security system- just like always.

After we finished our grocery shopping, I got a phone call from Jared (who was at work 30 min away)--

Jared- "Are you at home?"
Me- "No....why?"
Jared-"I'm on the phone with our home security system, and they said that somebody set off our alarm. Do you want them to send the police over?"
Me- (freaking out) "Yes!" (please also note that there is no way our dog can set off the alarm).
Jared-"Okay, they are calling the police right now. Go home as soon as you can. They'll probably already be there."
Me- "Okay, I'm leaving now!"

Jared- (calls me again as I'm getting into the car) "The alarm company said there was a problem with the police being able to send somebody out, so they won't be going to the house." (this problem is definitely been addressed and fixed now).
Me- (about to cry) "What does that mean?! I'm supposed to go inside by myself now?!
Jared- "I don't know what the problem is, we'll have to sort that out later. I'll call our neighbors and make sure they go in the house with you. Just pull our car into their driveway."

I was nervous when I pulled up to the house, but felt a little safer thinking about mine and Jared's date last Saturday night- which looked like this:

I felt prepared!

My neighbor and I carefully walked around the exterior of our house. All of the doors were still locked, and no windows were broken. So, we slowly opened the door and I turned our alarm off. Bauer was still in the laundry room, so he didn't set the alarm off. Everything was in its' proper place....except....

Kyler's balloons. They were sitting right in front of one of the alarm's motion sensors. Apparently when the heater kicked on, it moved the balloons just enough for the motion detector to sense it.  Kyler's balloons caused our security system company to call the police! I'm so glad the police ended up not coming...I would NOT have wanted to pay them just to find balloons in front of the motion sensor!

Those darn balloon intruders~


  1. FIrst of all, the police couldn't come out?! That's crazy! I am glad it was just the balloons! Secondly, just by that one picture, your house is GORGEOUS!!!! LOVE IT!!

  2. So glad it was just a balloon mix up and everyone is okay ! Second of all your fireplace is to die for!!!

  3. So glad it was just a balloon! But it's even crazier that the police couldn't come out?!? Wow

  4. Our alarm has gone off twice and the police have come because the front door was not shut completely. We set the alarm and left and for some reason our door didn't shut all the way so it went off. Glad it was a balloon and not an intruder! Also, your fireplace is gorgeous!!

  5. Ha! Those darn balloons :). But wow, not cool police, not cool....

  6. The balloons :) We've been getting a lot more snow then usual (we feel lucky to get an inch a year, and we've gotten ten so far...) so the milk and bread have been running low in the grocery store pretty often. My almond milk and gluten free bread are always ready for me to buy, though!

  7. bwah ha ha! the balloons! i'm happy for you that's all it was! :)

  8. Hahahaha! that's hilarious. priceless, priceless story!


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