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It's coming...

24 March 2014

....spring weather that is......which means summer will be here before we know it! Baaaah I can't wait for summer! Things are going good here in NC. Jared's new job is going well, and his MBA program is keeping him busy. I'm still teaching pre-K (part time) and Kyler is still loving preschool! He has been learning so much lately; kids this age are seriously like little sponges! I started teaching Kyler some Spanish this week, and he has been catching on so quickly! I wouldn't call myself perfectly fluent in Spanish, but it was my minor in college, so I know enough to get by. After Kyler was born, I had planned on starting to teach him Spanish when he turned 2 but I didn't feel like he was ready for it until now.

Because of the warm(er) weather this weekend, we went to one of our family's favorite frozen yogurt places. I took a picture of our yogurt cups to send to my mom (who is in Chile) and then later I noticed this little photobomb in the background:

I didn't even realize he was in the picture! He was a little extremely excited about the idea of candy and "ice-cream" in the same bowl.

Hurry up summer- we're ready for you!


  1. That photo bomb one is so cute!!! You have the most precious little boy :)

  2. He is too cute!! I'm ready for summer too!


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