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15 March 2014

I love listening to-- Sara Bareilles station on Pandora- I constantly have this playing in the house.

I love trying--- to play hide-and-seek with this kid. Sometimes Kyler surprises us with some pretty good spots!

I love drinking-- bottled water. It's a phase. I think our tap water tastes weird.

I love eating-- these green pea thingies from Trader Joes. Seriously delicious.

I love hearing-- Kyler say: "Good boy Mommy!" I don't know why, but I find it hilarious that he doesn't "get" the difference between girls and boys yet.

I love taking-- creepy sleeping pictures of Jared.

I love noticing-- that the trees are starting to bloom- hello spring!

I love remembering-- that Kyler had his first kiss this week. At the end of the preschool day (before getting in the car) Kyler kissed this cute little girl that's in his class goodbye- On. The. Lips.  Jared and I were cracking up so hard. They even said "I love you!" afterwards. So romantic.

I love trying-- new places. We've gone to three new places lately:

1) We went to the new aquarium, Sea Life, at the mall with some friends- it's pretty rad.

The aquariums were incredible! (despite the bored look on Kyler's face below) He was annoyed that I made him stand still for a picture:

2. Wan Fu in South Charlotte. Legit Chinese food.

3. Kids Play Here. It's basically like an indoor park (think discovery place kids, but smaller). They offer: kids gymnastics/dance/music classes, preschool classes, babysitting, open play, and adult fitness classes. 

Link to website and pic source

 You can kind of see the Toddle Waddle class going on in the window of this pic:

Everything is relatively cheap too! We've done the Open Play/Gym, and the babysitting for one hour. Kyler loves it! 

I'm thinking about signing him up for one of the kids fitness/tumbling classes- they look like fun!


  1. Hide and seek with kids are the funniest thing! Hope you have a lovely week!

  2. Wan Fu is my FAVORITE!!! The family I nannied for always got take out from there. I told Ben I wanted Chinese food on Christmas Eve and Wan Fu was the only place I wanted to get it from. That Kids Play Here place looks pretty fun too!

  3. I so need to go to Trader Joe's! It looks like y'all have been having too much fun! : )


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