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Another week at the beach- lucky us!

16 April 2014

This week we went to the beach with some more of Kyler's cousins- but on Jared's side of the fam this time!

Jared and my nephew found some pretty sweet sharks teeth this trip!

Our  little boy is growing up too fast!

We purchased a really cool pirate ship kite...but it wasn't windy enough to fly it. Kyler still had a fun time watching Jared try though!

Kyler ran around so much that he took a nap that lasted just over 3 hours right after the next two pictures were taken:
This is blog worthy because he usually only takes a 1 hour nap everyday... 2 hours if we're lucky...but a 3 hour nap is crazy long for him!

I had some fun girly time with my nieces...painting nails, shopping, watching chick flicks- you name it, we did it! They were my little buddies this week :)
They flew back to their home in New Mexico sad- we're going to miss them!


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