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Earthquake in Chile/ my parents

02 April 2014

Today, several friends asked me how parents are doing, and I know there are probably many others I thought I'd share their experience up here on the blog:

If you haven't already heard, an 8.2 magnitude earthquake struck Chile last night, which then triggered landslides, and generated a tsunami (news link). My parents, who are serving a 2 year church mission, live right on the coast of Chile. We (my siblings and I) tried getting ahold of them last night, but weren't able to reach them. We finally heard from them this morning via email!
They said something along the lines of:

Around 9:00 last night the towns alarms went off, and the police drove around with loud speakers telling everyone to evacuate because of the threat of a tsunami. They were shocked! They jumped into their truck, and helped others get situated to higher ground too.

They earthquake happened way further north than where they were, so they didn't even feel it, and it was such a calm night that they could hardly believe there was a threat of a tsunami. It was surprising to not find from tv/internet but from sirens and neighbors!

They had to stay on top of a hill until about 2:00AM before they were permitted to go back to their home by the ocean- the waves didn't get very big where they were, thank goodness- and they are safe and doing well! Thank you for all of the prayers/phone calls!

Here are a few pictures of them from the past few months:

I miss my parents so much, but am proud of them for leaving all they knew behind to serve others and teach about Christ. I've heard about miracles they have witnessed, and I have experienced many blessings because of their willingness to serve. I just love my parents-


  1. That is such an amazing thing they are doing!! Glad they are ok.

  2. your dad looks like a giant! I'm glad they're doing well.

    1. Hah! He really is a giant in Chile...he says post doorways hit him around the forehead area so he has to duck. I think he's like 6' 2"

    2. and obviously I didn't get those good genes


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