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Some Lucky Leaf Time

08 April 2014

This week we are spending some time at The Lucky Leaf Beach House with some of my family. We have 5 family members out of 7 here- Just missing my sister and her family (from Cali) , and of course my parents (who are in Chile). Kyler doesn't have any cousins that live by us (yet) so it's been an extra fun week for him.

At the fish market with cousin's Rome and Carmella from Texas
Kyler met his newest cousin- baby Gemma! She's a doll. Kyler is obsessed with babies, and keeps asking to hold her, put binkies in her mouth, and cover her with blankets- 

He also has been sharing his toys with her. This boy is going to make a stellar big bro someday (not an announcement- just had to clarify that).

The ocean is still freezing, but the kids don't seem to notice/mind. A few of the grownups braved up and went out in wetsuits.

Yesterday was a cool, foggy day, but still fun...

....and today we've been hit with the stomach flu. So far it's hit 5 adults and 3 kids (including me, Jared, and Ky).

Not the most exciting way to end a vacation, but hey, at least we got a few days of fun and family in!

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  1. I love seeing pics of my kids that I didn't take... they crack me up!


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