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The Balloon Fast

23 April 2014

We've been busy getting adjusted back to real life- those two trips to the beach spoiled us! Soon after we got back from the beach, we ran over a nail and got a flat tire....that was interesting. I tried to help Jared put the spare on, but ended up causing the entire car to tip over off the little hoist thing-hah) So I decided to sit on the garage stairs and take pictures/watch and everything went smoothly after that....

......until we realized (after the matter) that our spare tire was flat too. Splendid.

...but we were able to pump it up enough to make it the tire store. Whew. Glad that's over!
Kyler has been on a balloon fast the past two months- meaning we haven't bought him any new balloons. He used to be SOOO obsessed (it was all he played with and all he talked about). So we thought that by not having them in the house, he would find a new favorite toy. It worked (kind of). He still LOVES balloons, but at least he stopped talking about them (as much) and plays with his other toys again.

A few weeks ago, I took him to the dollar store because I needed to buy some gift bags (this is the place where we also usually buy him balloons). As soon as we walked into the store he sniffed the air and said "Mmmmm! It smells like balloons in here!" (hysterical?) but we left the store without him throwing a fit for a balloon so I call this balloon fast a success!

The Easter Bunny brought Kyler a balloon, a bike, and a few other gifts in his basket, but Kyler was most excited about the balloon. 

I wonder how old he will be when he stops thinking that balloons are cool?


  1. Too funny! I bet he would like the movie Up since the guy has a big ol bunch of balloons..haha

    1. Yes! You are right! Up is by far his favorite movie! lol

    2. What kind of bike is that? Does it not have pedals ??

    3. No pedals, its called a balance bike.


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