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3 1/2 years old!

16 May 2014

At 3 1/2 this little boy is so friendly! Every time he sees a kid anywhere, he says "Look a friend!" He also loves making friends with the elderly. He calls almost every gray haired person he meets "grandma/grandpa" and loves to give them hugs and hold their hands. Not a stranger walks by on the sidewalk without Kyler cheerfully yelling "Hi!!" and waving his arms.
His preschool picture. website here:

A few more random things about Kyler:

He loves: blowing bubbles, riding his bike, and playing with balloons (still)

He doesn't like: shopping at Walmart, eating veggies, or getting the hiccups (he thinks they make him feel like he is going to throw up).

He's really good at: memorizing books that we read him, letter recognition, using his fine motor skills, and he's also really good at making messes :p

He is scared of: smoke detectors and anything else that makes loud beeping sounds

Words I love hearing him say are:

busgetti  (spagetti)

carfet (carpet)

popcart (poptart)

pilloff (pillow)

bunnit (button)

He likes going to: the library, the beach, Ikea, preschool, and church- but is not a big fan of primary yet- he'd rather be playing in nursery!

His favorite songs are: songs he makes up about random objects "The door song" or "The light song" but his favorite real song is "The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock."

Ohhh, Kyler -we love this friendly and happy little boy!

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