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A Journey (part 9) --- PCOS

24 May 2014

I'm going to copy and paste another piece of our journey towards expanding our family below. If you haven't read the previous parts, you can do so HERE.

Today is February 5, 2014. The results from my blood work came back. My genetics look great (I'm not a carrier for any genetic abnormalities) and I don't have any thyroid problems...but I do have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) The name sounds scary, but basically all it means is that I have a hormone imbalance, a lot of cysts on my ovaries, and irregular cycles (I only average 3-6 cycles a year).  There are many causes for infertility, but two of the most common are PCOS and  Endometriosis- and I happen to have both.  Obviously I wasn't too happy to receive this news, but I am glad that we are finally starting to get some answers, and I'm counting my blessings that we were able to get pregnant with Kyler when we did!

This ultrasound room is starting to feel a lot like home, because I see it so much. I hope someday we will be able to see a sweet babe growing on that ultrasound screen again!

The good news is that my doctor gave me the go ahead to do an IUI within a few weeks!

 I've finished my Femara medication... I feel like the side effects were just as severe as they were with Clomid, but in a different way. Instead of dizziness and hot flashes...I just feel hot at night (I have to turn the heat wayyy down and sleep with no covers and the fan on...Jared has to sleep with 3 blankets haha). Also, Femara has been making me way more emotional than Clomid.


Today is February 13, 2014. I want to cry. Okay, that was a lie, I just DID cry. I'm supposed to have an injection today (to trigger ovulation) and an IUI this weekend, but it snowed and now my doctor's office is closed until Monday! I'm so sad :(


February 17, 2014
I woke up this morning feeling hopeful. I hadn't gotten a positive OPK yet, so I thought that maybe I could get the trigger shot today, and we could do the IUI tomorrow. Wrong. After my ultrasound and blood work from today, I learned that my body hasn't been responding to the fertility drugs.  She said I probably hadn't been responding the last few months either on Clomid. :/  So starting today doc told me to take 7.5mg of Femara for 5 days (which is the highest dosage).  If I still don't respond, I suppose we will be moving on to injectables- gulp. We have been fighting secondary infertility for nearly 2 years now...I hope the end is in sight!

Today is February 24, 2014.  I'm not sure if today's ultrasound was good or not. A few weeks ago, she measured one follicle (follicle's are what grow and release an egg) on my right ovary at 12mm, and then a few days later it "absorbed into my body instead of growing bigger and releasing an egg"- big fail. So THIS time (after I took the highest dosage of Femara) she measured one follicle at 13mm on my left ovary and one follicle at 10mm on my right ovary.  So that would be TWO follicles. Now normally if your body grows two follicles and they both release eggs and get fertilized you would have a twin pregnancy. But for whatever reason, that is not the case when you have an IUI. My doctor told me that even when multiple follicles are involved, you are most likely only going to get one baby (less than 4% end up with multiples).

Anyways, I'm trying not to get my hopes up about this actually working, because last time, my follicle disappeared- so isn't there a chance that these follicles could just disappear on me too? I don't know what to think, but I'm praying for good results on my next ultrasound on Thursday!!


  1. I am so so sorry Char Char. I pray for you always. You are so strong!! I love you!!

  2. I love the e card. I felt the same way about Rex's college for him.

  3. PCOS is a bitch. I found it really interesting what you said about the follicles stopping response. My second pregnancy (the one I lost), I had two follicles. One was 13 and the other 11. The 13 stalled, but the 11 grew - and that was the one I got pregnant on. I did however ovulate from both follicles (they were each on a different ovary). I am sure it is a stupid PCOS thing - the fact we produce so many immature follicles. I also have found that I dont respond too well on Gonal-F but do well on puregon (though they are suppose to be the same). Secondary infertility is so tough.. thankyou for sharing

  4. I was thinking my RE said if I had like 3 or more dominant follicles that he may cancel the IUI but like you were saying if you have two then chances are you will only have on baby. It kind of confuses me. I am going to have to ask about this before we start our IUI cycle in a couple of weeks.


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