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Mail for Kyler

06 May 2014

I was just looking through my recent photos to see what I could put up here, but I realized I already shared most of them on instagram or Facebook, and I don't know why, but I don't like re-posting them on the blog. BUT I'm going to post this next picture again anyways, because it was a big deal to Kyler.

He received a letter from Schramma and Schrammpa (my parents) who are serving a church mission in Chile! They also sent him a latex glove and told him he could blow it up like a balloon (they know him well haha).

He LOVED it! I don't know if it was because it was from my parents, or because it came in the mail for him, but he was really excited about it. He carried the letter around the house with him for a few days. He would pull it out of his pocket every once in a while and pretend to read it, and then tuck it safely away again.

As for the balloon, it popped 20 minutes after he received it on a thorn from the rose bush. He was devastated and talked about how Schramma was going to be so sad that his balloon popped :( 

Poor little balloon deprived boy! Looking at that pouty face makes me want to go buy him a new balloon!


  1. That is the most precious pouty face and the sweetest happy boy face ever :)


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