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Typical Weekend

28 May 2014

Last Friday, we spent the evening playing with playdoh. We get wild and crazy on the weekends.

Kyler has been loving his new "ice cream shop". 

I like it too...but I don't love the resulting mess.

On Saturday we did some cleaning, ran some errands, went out to dinner, and took Kyler to Discovery Place. Please excuse the horrible iPhone picture. My phone is broken.

I'm not exactly sure how my phone broke, but my best guess is that it was laying face down on a damp surface. The major problem was that it wasn't responding whenever I touched the screen...but a few days in a bag of rice cured that. Here are the remaining problems I still have:

-The camera on front of the screen works (with bad quality), but the camera on the back won't even turn on.
-The screen looks like it has water damage (looks blurry in places)
- The flashlight won't turn off. I thought the light would have burned out by now, but it's been on for almost two weeks now, and oddly it hasn't had an affect on my battery life.
-I can't make any phone calls unless it's on speaker.
-No other sound or music works

Yep, it's time for a new phone! Anyways, back to our weekend. On Sunday we went to church, and spent some time together as a family at home. Kyler has been obsessed with this flying saucer toy lately (of course it's broken now, but he still plays with it).
 Jared's iPhone takes MUCH better pictures.

On Monday Jared had work, and his 3 week summer break from school ended, so he had to go to class as well that day. Kyler and I got some pool time in.

 Kyler seems to be a lot more brave in the water compared to last summer; he actually allows water to splash on his face this year!

We've been going to the pool almost everyday since it opened. Ah, summer is finally here!


  1. That pool is the besssttttt. Sometimes the typical things are the best things to document :). A simple life, before kids get older and don't want to do the things you want them to do....ughhhh...not looking forward to that day :(.

  2. I just stumbled across your blog- you have such a cute family! and I love your (big) pup too! Now I want to go to the pool :)


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