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A journey (part 10) --- IUI

05 June 2014

I'm going to copy and paste another piece of our journey towards expanding our family below. If you haven't read the previous parts, you can do so HERE.
Today is February 27, 2014. YOU. WILL. NOT. BELIEVE. WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED!!! Before you jump to conclusions ...I'm not pregnant, but I'm so happy right now I could cry! I went in for my ultrasound this morning, and not only did BOTH of my follicles grow, buuuuuuut......I now have THREE good sized follicles!!

I know i'm not even pregnant yet, and there is a chance that this won't work, but I think it will! I am just so happy that things are looking good, and the fact that we have three follicles growing... increases our chances of getting a baby out of this!

Just for my own documentation on the ultrasound showed today: 1 follicle on my right ovary at 20 mm, and one follicle at 21mm and another follicle at 16mm on my left ovary.

My RE doc instructed me to give myself the Ovidrel injection (to trigger ovulation) right after the appointment this morning. I told Jared, who was waiting in the car with Kyler, the good news and handed over the injection. I was too squeamish to give myself a shot (especially in my stomach) so he did it for me. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would (and I'm a wimp), but it did burn for a few minutes after. 

Our IUI is scheduled for tomorrow!

February 29, 2014

Yesterday we had our first (and hopefully last) IUI! If you don't know what an IUI is, I would recommend watching this short video.

Anyways, back to the actual IUI procedure. At my appointment, the nurse told us Jared's SA results, and we were thrilled! It was a big relief that everything is good on his part- as this was his first analysis. I wouldn't really say the IUI procedure was painful, but it was definitely uncomfortable.

 When the procedure was complete, I was instructed to lay reclined for a half hour. The nurse dimmed the lights, and turned on some music. I got all emotional and cried, while holding Jared's hand... because I couldn't believe that it was already over... and I was hoping our baby was on it's way!

It makes sense that this will work, we had the fertility medications help with the PCOS, and the IUI supposedly helps get past my scar tissue (endometriosis) which are the two things holding us back from getting pregnant.

After the IUI, and work, Jared and I made the (nearly) 2 hour drive to Columbia, SC to attend the temple. As soon as I walked in the doors, I felt all of my stress and worry dissolve. The temple truly is a holy place. I felt so close to the Lord, that it brought tears to my eyes several times. While I hope that this works out, I know that if it doesn't the Lord knows best, and has plans set in place for me. This knowledge brings me comfort.

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