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Another week of summer

08 June 2014

Our dog, Bauer, is very obedient and is so good with Kyler. So it's a rare occasion when he does something wrong. All Jared has to do is point his finger and say "Come here Bauer"...and he grovels towards his feet every time. It's kind of hilariously pathetic the way you can see how bad he feels when he disobeys. Lucky him, he doesn't get in trouble very often!

 These two are best buds! Kyler would be so bored at home without this dog to tease and play with.

Kyler recently learned how to operate the touchpad on my computer. He randomly asked me one day if he could use my computer and I laughed at him and said "Okay." I humored him by going to and he surprised me with his mad coordination skills and played a game! His loves this game: Pearl Hunt Pretend Fish.

Kyler had a great week at preschool! He loved participating in Soccer Shots for the first time. A soccer coach comes to our school once a week and teaches the kids basic soccer skills. He was actually pretty good at it...and of course not a week goes by without a few trips to the park, pool, library and/or discovery place kids.
We've been having a great summer so far!

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