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Journey (part 12) IUI #2

12 June 2014

 It's March 28, 2013 and we are two weeks into another cycle. I did 7mg of Femara (highest dosage), and went in to have my ultrasound today to see how many follicles (aka eggs) I have...
4 follies!
The black circles are the follicles (which each contain an egg)
Keep in mind, even though I have 4 eggs, the chances of us getting more than one baby out of this are less than 4% (I'm secretly hoping I am in that 4% though- I've always wanted twins!)
Jared gave me the Ovidrill injection tonight, and we go in for our second IUI tomorrow :)

March 29, 2014. Today we had our second IUI! I loved having it on a Saturday. The office was empty, so Jared and I were goofing off/cracking jokes the whole time. Much less stressful than last time!

We had a different nurse perform this IUI procedure, and it was more painful (but still not horrible). I guess this means that the person doing the procedure really does make a difference...but all is well.

Two fingers...hoping for twins!

Two week wait....Here we go again!!

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