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Whitewater Center

29 June 2014

We've been keeping busy with wonderful friends this past week~ discovery place kids, various parks, play dates, the pool, Imaginon, and a pony riding day!

This weekend we went exploring at the US National Whitewater Center. This was our first time going, and we loved it! We walked several miles on the trails, and Kyler was our leader the majority of the time. I can't believe he hiked with us for over 2 1/2 hours and walked the whole way!

We found the perfect little spot to swim in the Catawba River. I think next time we go we will rent a canoe!

After hiking trails all morning, Kyler was exhausted by the time we got back near the parking lot ... until he saw this kids rock climbing thing... then all of the sudden his energy came back.
I had no idea the whitewater center was so close to us! Next summer (post pregnancy) I want to go river rafting, and zip lining!


  1. cool! i want to visit site places too :D and do rafting if ill have a chance :D

    from Myxilog with Love <3


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