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Behold your little ones

27 July 2014

I read this article a few weeks ago about beholding our little ones, and it has really stuck with me. Here are a few of my favorite parts from that article:

“Beholding” is not giving a casual, distracted glance. It is the act of attending to another with the heart and mind. It is giving the kind of focused attention that says, “I see you. You are important to me.”  -Jan Pinborough

For today’s parents, this kind of beholding often requires the discipline to unplug, a conscious choice to turn away from our screens and turn off our digital devices. It may mean resisting the temptation to scroll through social media posts. It may involve thoughtfully establishing personal and family media rules, setting boundaries that will protect the sacred time that we give to one another in our families daily.(source)

I love this! Especially the idea of turning away from our screens in order to give kind, focused attention to our little ones.  A few minutes here and there of scrolling down social media screens throughout the day really does add up! Don't get me wrong, I don't think social media is bad (or obviously I wouldn't have a personal blog and wouldn't be writing this). Social media is a great way to keep in touch with family who lives far away, and old friends. I just feel like time is so precious, and I love the reminder that article gave me about what matters most in life!

...they grow up so fast!

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  1. good reminder for everyone to hear. i completely agree. :) and CONGRATS on your new BABIES!! so so so exciting! :)


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