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Drive-in and Monkey Joes

19 August 2014

Last weekend we went to a drive-in theater and saw Ninja Turtles!

The theater was far away, but it was worth the drive.  It was such a cheap date night- $6 per ticket (kids are free) and we didn't need a baby-sitter. Kyler didn't watch the movie, he just played games/watched Netflix on my phone.

The drive-in will definitely be on our Summer Bucket List again next year!

Last Saturday, we took Kyler to Monkey Joes for the first time.  I was only partially impressed, but it was super busy with multiple birthday parties going on, so maybe we'll try it again on a weekday morning.

Kyler had a lot of fun, and definitely got tired out!

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  1. aww he's having so much fun! i especially love the first picture, such a great idea :)

    sharon @ shasummerwine.


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