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11 August 2014

It seems like time has been going by extra fast this past month. I've been horrible at taking pictures lately, but here are a few off of my phone to remember the past few weeks by:
1. Awkward sleeping position. 2. Kyler's first talk in primary. 3 &4. Discovery place kids. 5. Interesting restaurants my pregnancy cravings have been taking us on Saturday nights.

Last week we made our first few purchases for the twins. Charlotte's Mom's of Multiples Club had their consignment sale last weekend...and they had some really good deals.
The Chicco double stroller was given to us by a neighbor- sweet right?!
Getting all of these baby things ready sure has made this seem more real--- our twins will be here before we know it! We're feeling so blessed and happy!

My iPhone's memory was getting low because I had too many random video clips stored.... so I mushed them all together in a video to remember them by:

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