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5 Year anniversary....and Topsail

02 September 2014

Jared and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary by taking a trip to the beach! Usually when we go to the beach it's with other family or friends, but this time it was just us three and that made it all the more special. Topsail Island's 4th of July firework show was postponed (because of the hurricane) ...and they just happened to reschedule the show on our anniversary- perfect!

We almost got a family picture in, but apparently the manual camera setting doesn't focus when you use the it turned out really blurry- and I didn't like the few that weren't blurry (of course haha) but I just love our little family~

A friend gave Kyler this cute little v-tech digital camera, and he took pictures all weekend long! He kept asking us to "Say Cheese!" but his aim is a little off, and most of the time he ends up taking a picture of an elbow and other random things. It's hilarious scrolling through all of the things he takes pictures of.

The weather was perfect all weekend.

We just love family vacations on Topsail Island!


  1. That looks absolutely perfect!! Congratulations on your anniversary.

  2. happy anniversary! your blog is darling.



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