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First week of freedom!

23 September 2014

I loved teaching pre-k, but I'm not going to lie, this past week has been so nice without having to go to work. I have gotten so many chores done around the house that I've been putting off... PLUS I've been able to sneak in an extra nap or two which feels so good (and it's doctor's orders- two naps a day LOL--but really).
Kyler's newly re-arranged/ organized room:
He sleeps on the twin bed, but we also have an extra crib (that we we're not planning on using for the twins) in there too (it's my mom's). I guess we might use it though if we find that one of the twins is sleeping through the night and the other is waking him/her up--but of course our twins are going to both sleep perfectly through the night all the time so we won't have that problem. hah. Kyler will sleep through anything.

 A more few pics from this past week:

We made Trader Joes pumpkin pancakes one morning- OMG soooo good!

Discovery Place:

Frisbee Golf

Fav time of night:

It's been a really good week, and I've loved being able to spend extra time at home with Kyler and Jared too!

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