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October 15th.

15 October 2014

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Two years ago, our pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Two years ago almost seems like a distant memory, like a different lifetime, especially now that I have two healthy babies growing inside me now.  However, I will never forget how I felt, and the comfort I received through prayer.  If you haven't read about our miscarriage experience, you can do so here.

Jared and I have this picture displayed in our room; it was a gift from my mother in-law.

The artist says this in his description:

"Holding a new baby in your arms, the only way to describe him or her is precious. Their tiny hands grasping at everything; their wide eyes taking in the world; their toothless grins that melt your heart... babies are truly treasures. They are most precious to the Savior because they are His. He purchased them with His own blood. When Jesus takes a baby in His arms, He sees beyond that tiny fragile body to the possibilities, the potential, the destiny of that child.. both in this life and in the world to come. An eternal destiny made possible through His sacrifice. We hold precious that which we sacrifice for. He holds most precious that which He sacrificed for the most." - Precious by David Bowman

I hope that our story gives others hope. Heavenly Father does hear and answer prayers---and families truly are forever.

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