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One last trip before the babies come!

12 October 2014

We snuck away to the beach last week for a few days. Our last beach trip as a family of three! 
Schramma and Schrammpa sent us a package from Chile, and among the many items were a few balloons for Kyler. He still loves balloons, and begged to take one out on the beach. He had fun with it for 15 minutes...until this happened:

He wasn't too happy about it.

 Jared snapped a baby bump picture while we were out playing on the beach. This was right before Kyler rubbed his wet sandy hands all over my belly ;P
 I promise I'm way bigger than the picture looks haha. That picture was taken at 29 weeks.

Annnnd.... to celebrate not having gestational diabetes, I indulged in a bowl of sugar for breakfast.
{It's actually really good}

We had some shrimp boat gazing to entertain us between conference sessions 
{which, believe it or not was even better than the above bowl of LDS conference!}

Uncle Calvin caught some crabs, which Kyler thought was really neat. Eating them, however, was a different story. He took one look at them and then turned to his new little friend and said "You have to eat those." haha.
Kyler also got some bonding time with his new little cousin, Andie. He wanted to hold her nonstop. I mean who wouldn't? Look at her- she's adorable! He is going to make one good big brother!

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  1. You are not even that big and I've seen you in person.


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