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02 October 2014

Time seems to be flying by lately! I have a ton of random blurry iPhone pics to share :)

Sooo I decided Ikea is pretty much the place to be on Monday mornings. They serve you free breakfast, and it's delicious!

The one with ranch is Kylers. Just had to clarify. I don't like ranch with my eggs.

Plus, the Small Land is always free, and Kyler loves it... and I love walking around looking at pretty stuff child free (saves me a lot of "don't touch that!" 's. Oh and you can't beat their 99cent fat free frozen yogurt~!

Wow, I've shared two pictures so far, and they are both about food! Am I pregnant with twins or something? Last weekend, we went to Lazy 5 with some friends. It's the perfect time of year to go! The weather was great and they had tons of cute little fall festival activities to do.

 Feeding animals:

I love this pic:
He kept saying "Here Billy!" (don't know where he came up with that name?) and showed him how to open his mouth each time he dropped the food in (kind of like mom's do when feeding babies haha).

Wagon ride:
He really does randomly give me millions of kisses through out the day. I love it :)

Pumpkin launching:

Pumpkin painting:

Annnnd here's a picture of our dog watching another dog on TV:

You're welcome for all of the random iPhone pics :)


  1. My daughters 2nd grade class went to Lazy Five Ranch last fall for a field trip. She had so much fun. I enjoyed it too. Hopefully we will go this year soon. They also do some fun stuff @ Easter. You look great!! Give Kyler a hug from me!!

    1. Oh Easter would be another fun time! Ok i will!

  2. omg that pic of billy is terrifying and hilarious at the same time. Looks like fun stuff- wish we were there to do it with ya'll!

    1. That's what thanksgiving is for!


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