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33-36 weeks with twins

26 November 2014

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Today is November 10th, 2014- We made it to 34 weeks! Every week I can keep them inside means less (or no) time in the NICU!

Jared's coworkers threw us a little baby shower at his work last week, and his team at Wake Forest threw us a little shower yesterday as well. We feel so blessed to have so many people that care about us, and these little ones! 

November 17, 2014
I'm 35 weeks and things are becoming more real! I've been having weekly non stress tests at the doctors, and both babies are doing fantastic! I'm having consistent contractions every 5-8 minutes according the NST. Doc says those can easily turn into true labor contractions any day now! We also had an ultrasound to measure the babies growth, and baby boy is estimated to weigh 5 pounds 15 ounces and baby girl is estimated to weigh 5 pounds 11 ounces. However, ultrasounds aren't completely accurate, and they tend to over estimate. 

Baby boy wouldn't let us get a picture of his face, but his sister showed us her face for a second! It's kinda hard to see at first:

Also, on the ultrasound it was reconfirmed that baby girl is still breech, and that their placentas are fused together.  VBAC is no longer an option for us. The risk of placental/uterine rupture is too high after 36 weeks, and even if I do happen to go into labor on my own within the next few days, there's a good chance of having baby boy VBAC and baby girl (the breech one) needing an emergency c-section. Too many risks for us, so our c-section is scheduled on December 9th (at 38 weeks 2 days) but the doctor says they will more than likely come on their own before then- we'll see! 

Today is November 25, 2014. I had my 36 week appointment and non stress test today. The babies are doing great! After my appointment, Jared and I took Kyler to a "Big Brother Class" at the hospital. As seen on instagram, it didn't go so well:

He's never acted like that around real babies before, so I'm hoping that he was just acting that way because he's never really played with dolls before or because he skipped his nap and was just in a grumpy mood. He eventually warmed up to the doll, and even helped change a diaper:

We got the twins' video baby monitor set up this week. We've been trying it out in Kyler's room...  I love it! I get to see all of the things he does when we leave the room, and watch sweet things like this from the couch downstairs:

The twin's nursery is almost done! I'll try to snap a pic of it soon.

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  1. That's so exciting! I am a twin, so I am partial :) I hope all goes well with your delivery!


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