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Thanksgiving + Home Movie

29 November 2014

The days going by are a blur to me, so I'm glad when I remember to snap a few pics to remember them by. Lately, Kyler has been wearing these construction safety goggles everywhere. He wore them to the park so that the "sand wouldn't get in his eyes" and in the bath so "water wouldn't get in his eyes". Logical thinking, I guess. I just love how they make his imaginary play come alive. I love this stage.

Our Thanksgiving was excellent! My brother and sis inlaw and Jared cooked most everything, while I just napped on the couch and didn't wash a single dish (they wouldn't let me). ALMOST makes me wish I could be pregnant with twins every T-day...but not really haha. Post dinner walk around the block:

I seriously love iMovie. It takes like 10 minutes to put together a really cute family home movie from random video clips I have on my phone. Here's our Oct-Nov 2014 family home movie!


  1. Char, I love your movies! they are so awesome and that song was so perfect. I really need to learn how to work imovie. Cant wait to see those babies you are cooking!

  2. Aw thank you! You're so sweet. You should try iMovie out...its so easy, and I'm sure your kids will love watching themselves!

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  4. I love the monkey hat! lol love you!!


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