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The Twins Nursery

30 November 2014

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You guys! We get to meet our babies in NINE days, and as of today... I'm "full term" (37 weeks). I guess our twins are comfy and cozy inside, because they've already stayed in a week longer than most twins, and will probably stay in for another 9 days (which is when our c-section is). 

I seriously love being pregnant. Sure, I may or may not be extremely uncomfortable right now. My stomach might be ruined. My back may or may not hurt. I might not get much sleep at night, but man, I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world! Maybe it's because we've waited so long for these little miracles- I don't know- but I love feeling them kick and move inside of me. I feel like I have a special bond with them already, and I can't wait to hold them in my arms!

I probably spent hours looking at different Pinterest boards of twins nurseries, dreaming up what I wanted mine to look like. Mine doesn't look nearly as good as any of the pins I dreamt of. It's plain and simple, but I love it nonetheless. It's cheerful and bright, and I love being in there.


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  2. I absolutely adore the nursery you did amazing designing it!!

  3. It's SO cute! I love all the little details, especially the hearts above the changing pad. Great job!

  4. I seriously thought that first picture was from Pinterest--like this is what I wanted my nursery to look like but it didn't turn out. I love it! SOOO cute. We have that same crib and I LOVE it.

  5. It looks beautiful. I love the simple, clean lines!


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