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6 weeks/ the twins birth video

21 January 2015

Jared has been back at work for a few weeks now, which means I have been flying solo with 3 kids at home... and it's been going well! It's a lot of work, but I love it, and they are so worth it.

We moved the twins into their own room, and I think we are all getting better sleep this way. I'm a light sleeper, and was waking up to every little squeak and grunt they made in their sleep.


The first few nights were a little tough getting them to go back to sleep, but they are learning, and the nightly feeding routine is finally getting a little shorter. We are anxiously waiting for the day when they can go more than 2-4 hours without waking up to eat!

Kyler's imaginary play has really taken off the past couple of weeks! I love that he can entertain himself now (which also entertains me haha).

We pretty much live in pajamas these days...and I'm okay with that! Getting out of the house involves planning around feeding schedules, and pumping...and just when we are ready to get in the car one (or both) of the twins almost always spits up all over their clothes or poos and needs to be changed...kinda funny. It takes a good half an hour just to get everyone buckled into the car. We did make it out of the house to go to the doctor on Monday though. I hate going to the doctor with the babies, because I'm a germaphobe and am paranoid they'll get sick, but so far everyone is healthy :)

The twins 6 week checkup went well! Ryan is 9 pounds 10oz and Lyla is 9 pounds 6oz. Both 25%. They are still in newborn diapers, and mostly newborn sized clothes, but we are starting to break out a few 0-3 month outfits too.



  1. Char, they are so precious. Loved the video. You carried those babies so well. They were amazing, adorable, chunky little monkeys. Good job! Hey, at 4 months we are still in jammies but sleep is really good. You are close to getting more sleep.

  2. That video was so sweet Char, I love seeing them get bigger and bigger!

  3. that video was absolutely perfect!!!! Love!

  4. The video is darling!! And I am right there with you with getting buckled AND disliking trips to the doctor on account of germs!!! I cringe every time and really, really, really try not to take the bigger kids since they touch everything!! Great job, Mama! XOX!


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