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One Month

10 January 2015

Waaaaaaa! {me crying} This month went by way too fast! I already miss it. They are growing so quickly, and look so different everyday. I wish I had their one month stats, but their pediatrician is busy/popular and couldn't work them in for another 10 days. 

We packed up the car and headed to the beach to spend new years with my brother and his fam! The twins did great on the drive, but I had a "referred pain from the c-section" (severe upper abdominal and back pain) episode in the car, which wasn't pleasant at all. I'm starting to think the "referred pain" as my doctor called it is something else. Maybe gallstones or a stomach ulcer or something (thanks google) bahah. No but really, it's weird. It only happens at night time (and random nights at that) and the pain is completely gone an hour or so later. I have a doctors appointment next week, so hopefully we can find out what it is!

Topsail was beautiful (as always) and it was nice to get some fresh air!

We haven't taken the twins out in public much yet (trying to avoid that darn flu!) so the beach was our first time out in "public" (and you can see how empty that beach is) with the twins. Pretty much EVERYONE stopped us to ooo and aaaw over the babies and ask questions about them. One lady was walking by and said "Are those REAL babies?!" haha uhhhh no we are holding dolls actually.

I barely stayed awake for new years. Courtney snapped this pic of us looking at some distant fireworks, and cuddling Lyla (who was being a night owl) in between us.

Also, we had a lunch date in Wilmington...

...and uncle Calvin built a fire for s'mores.

...and we had plenty of sand playing time.

Aunt Courtney took some unplanned family pictures of us at the beach, and I'm so appreciative of that! I seriously LOOOOVE them! I was lucky that I even brought some "real clothes" to the beach. I figured we might go out to dinner or something while we were there. I was 3 weeks postpartum and had been living in PJs the whole time.  Anyway, you've probably seen a million on my FB, but I'm going to post a few (lot) more on here, just because!

Oh and Courtney also took these a few weeks ago-- Just realized I didn't post them on here. The twins already look SO different now!

Love, LOVE my sweet family!


  1. oh my goodness! GORGEOUS pictures.

  2. Oh my GOODNESS! Those pictures are PERFECT! What a beautiful family you have, and you are one super mama! You look gorgeous AND you're holding two babes. For reals...

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  3. Hi! Thank you for commenting on my post! Your little ones are beautiful!! Congrats on the twins! How exciting!!

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