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Eating meals with twins

04 February 2015

Time is flying by! These two are 8 weeks old!

Sometimes Kyler feels left out when I take pictures of the twins, so I always take a few of him with the twins and by himself too. This one just cracked me up today:

I've been venturing out of the house a little more lately. Mostly for Kyler. He is going stir crazy in the house, and it's still too cold to take the twins outside. We've ventured out to the Mall, Walmart, Kids Play Here, church, and several doctor's appointments. I finally received the results from my abdominal scan, and learned that the pain I was having a month ago was gallstones, but it hasn't been giving me much trouble the past few weeks, so we are going to leave the gallbladder alone- for now. Lyla had an ultrasound done on her hips (standard procedure for breech babies).

Her hip angulation is a little off (they like the angle to be 60 degrees and her's is 53 degrees) so we got referred to a pediatric orthopedic practice, and that doctor said it is nothing to worry about, and we'll just re-check them again in 5 months.

I've ventured out to the gym a few times too (mostly just to get out of the house for a little bit, I get stir crazy staying inside all day). Jared is such a rockstar dad. I came home one day to this (both babies sleeping in his arms) and my heart exploded!

Meal times around here are pretty interesting! This was dinner a few nights ago:
Cutest table center piece I ever did see! (And the most entertaining. And the noisiest.)

Lunch time a few weeks ago... the babies both fell asleep on me and I was starving, but didn't want to wake them up... luckily Jared was home and brought me a grilled cheese sandwich. It reminded me of how I used to use my belly as a table when I was pregnant... now I get to use my babies :D

Kyler loves it when the babies are awake during breakfast time. He can't wait until they can eat real food. This morning he kept telling them that one day they are going to grow big like him and eat toast and bananas for breakfast. Hah. The twins are starting to find him entertaining, and actually look at him and kick their legs when he talks to them.

Also, this is blog worthy... Kyler has (finally) come around to Lyla! For the first few weeks of their life, Kyler was only interested in Ryan. He only wanted to hold Ryan, and any time Lyla would cry he would say something like "Can we take her back to the hospital?" or "Yie Yuh (Lyla) Belle. Stop Crying!". 

Anyways, he loves her too now, and asks to rock her to sleep... precious!

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