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Some adorable Siik Bows on my sick kids

25 February 2015

We might be sick here, but at least we're sick in style thanks to Siik Bows .

No, but really. These bows are so cute!
I think they actually kind of look alike in this picture. Yes?
I really do love having a baby girl to play dress up with. Headbands/bows are so fun!
They are handmade by Tiffany, and I love them!

One thing I love about her shop is that a portion of the profits are given to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Southern Florida (an organization that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions) - so sweet!

I'm so thankful that nothing we have going on here is life-threatening, and especially thankful for modern day medicine! I went to three doctor's appointments today. One for Lyla, one for Ryan, and one for myself.

 Lyla's was a follow-up from earlier this week. She got bronchiolitis over the weekend, and it caused her airway to tighten (making it difficult for her to breath) so she is still on the Nebulizer/breathing treatments for another week or so.

They got weighed at the doctor's today...and the heavy weight champion in the 11 week old category goes to.. Lyla-Belle at 12lbs even. Followed closely by her (older by 2 minutes) brother...Ryan-Cole weighing in at 11lbs 14oz!

Yesterday, Ryan started getting the same cough that Lyla had, and he also had a strange rash the past couple of days that started with a patch of dots on his belly that scabbed over 2 days later, and then he has been getting more of these little dots on his legs and I even noticed one on his ear..., so I decided to take him to the doctor as well today. Sure enough, his cough is bronchiolitis too. And the rash? Oh, it's just Chickenpox! Not related to the bronchiolitis at all, just coincidince he has both at the same time. Our pediatrician actually acted kind of excited to see it. Apparently, it's rare these days. He pulled in a few other doctors to come in and look at Ryan's Chickenpox too, and I could hear him talking about it in the hall when we left. We have no idea who he got the Chickenpox from. The Doctor said he most likely got it from somebody 10-14 days ago. Chickenpox is extremely contagious (and tricky, because you are contagious with the Chickenpox before you even know you have it-a few days before the rash appears). Ryan will be contagious until all of the pox have scabbed over (he said about 10-12 more days for Ryan because he is still getting new ones). We will be staying quarantined in our house until then! The doctor said Lyla might not get it (not everybody does) but there's a good possibility that she will. Babies can't receive the chickenpox vaccine until they are 12 months. Kyler had the vaccine so he's good, and Jared and I have already had the Chickenpox too. We just don't want anyone else who hasn't had it... to get it! Ryan is fine, but the doctor said it's important that we keep him away from pregnant women, and other people with immune system problems. So we will be staying at home for the next 2 weeks, to play it safe!

On top of all of this, I had to visit the doctor today too.  I've had Mastitis the past three weeks. I had been trying home remedies, and they would work for a few days, and then I would get sick again. So I finally gave in (I was just tired of being in pain and feeling sick!) and went to the doctor. I got mildly scolded for not coming in sooner haha, but I'm now on antibiotics and on the mend!

I think it's safe to say our house has had its' fair share of sickness for the year. Here's to hoping we all get better quick!


  1. Wow, quite the action in your house!! Hope you all feel better soon! And those bows are adorable.

  2. Wow, quite the action in your house!! Hope you all feel better soon! And those bows are adorable.

  3. Chickenpox! I haven't heard of anybody getting that for years. Crazy. So sorry you're stuck inside for so long but since some of us aren't 12 months yet and thus don't have the chickenpox vaccine, we'll stay away. Though I do want to see those little babes of yours.

  4. oh man. mastitis. gives me nightmares. don't forget to take care of yourself! those little babies depend on it! hope you guys get better and can find lots of things to fill your homebound time!

  5. I hadn't heard of people getting chicken pox in such a long time but Niko and I got them and now your little boy! Crazy! I hope your house clears of all the sickness soon!

  6. Adorable pictures and those bow ties are amazing!

    I feel for you, what a rough couple of weeks. Our family can't get rid of a cold. My little guy is almost three months and I feel as soon as we get rid of one cold, he gets smashed with another one. Tis the season I guess. I hope all is better in your house!!


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