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Three Months

09 March 2015

I'm not quite sure how it happened,  but the twins are somehow already 3 months old! 

Things are getting easier around here (they both slept a solid 10 hrs last night without waking up!) but at the same time, having twins is definitely still a challenge! I love a good challenge though. Especially challenges that look this cute!

Kyler really loves his brother and sister, and I love watching their relationships grow and develop. The twins are seeming more "durable" (more baby less newborn) these days, and Kyler is loving getting to hold them more.
I love that I didn't tell him to kiss her ^^^ he just does!
They've been eating about every 2.5-3 hrs for 15-25 minutes a session during the day- so I'm glad that they nurse at the same time. Otherwise, I don't think I would be able to get anything done! It can be exhausting at times...but I love this special bonding time we three have together. Every once in a while they will catch eye contact with each other while nursing and just gaze into each other's eyes. I dieee when this happens; its too cute. Also they've held hands a few times after nursing, probably accidentally, but I still think it's adorable.

Occasionally, they'll also both still fall asleep while nursing, and I'll just sit there and watch them sleep for a while, but they've been napping in their room for the most part.

Last time we went to the doctor, they both weighed in around 12lbs, which is good sized for twins! They are getting rolls to prove it.
Lyla's Thighs:

Ryan's arms:

This little one has desperately been trying to find her thumb lately. Luckily she keeps it tucked in her gripped hand most of the time, and does not succeed.

Kyler picked out the twin's clothes the other day and helped me dress them...yikes. Terrible outfit choices haha.

Big brother chats:

Lets talk again about how unfair it is that daddy always gets the best smiles. I took the top two pictures by myself... Then Jared walks in the room and they give me the bottom two smiley pictures.

Oh well. Jared may get better smiles, but I got Ryan to giggle for the first time :D


  1. They are sooo stinkin cute!!! I would love to have twins! lucky momma!

  2. They are getting so big now!
    Such cute chubby babies.

  3. Is there such a thing as toooooooooo much cute! Overload over here. I miss all your babes. This post made me smile so big!

  4. They are all sooo cute! I absolutely love the twins pictures in the little twin outfits!!!

  5. So beautiful and interesting post, darling! Love your blog and the way you write!

    Diana Cloudlet

  6. They are too much!! Those rolls look so delicious!! I love chubby babes


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